Multicamera video recording

Multi Camera production

Multi Camera Multicamera means filming with several cameras at the same time. The cameras are set up in such a way that one subject can be filmed from different angles. In this way, with one shot of the scene several images are present, without the action needs to be repeated. 

Theater productions, concerts, fashion shows or musicals are often only performed once or several times. A nice reminder of that performance is often worth its weight in gold. 


Performances can be unpredictable and you need to be prepared for everything. From technical design and management to equipment, crew and contacts with the AV team (which sets up sound and lighting for the audience). There's only one way to film your event!


Every event is different. Some ask for drone shots. Others simply require a cost-effective solution for a single camera. While others are large, multi-camera assignments that require directors and sound engineers. The equipment used by your event video production team is really important.


A beautifully produced video is rarely put on DVD, because this medium is already outdated. We help you find a solution how to download a digital montage, as long as you have paid for it. Because of this one can also afford better productions as an organizer.

Only quality is important
Examples of multicamera
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Client: Het Laagland
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Client: Rataplan
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