Making a video clip

Passion for music videos

We have experience in devising and producing high-profile projects for the biggest names in the music industry. 

Even smaller names with a limited budget can come to us. We look for creative solutions to keep costs to a minimum.

Each genre

Our music videos are custom made for each musician or band. The recording sometimes takes a day, but can also take longer to make several creative recordings. We have already produced more than 50 clips for both domestic and foreign artists.

Anything is possible

Depending on the budget, we film with a full film crew, including director, cinematographer, steadicam operator, make-up artist, etc. We book actors and dancers and look for suitable locations. 


The post-production of a video clip is not just editing. Finishing a simple video takes less than a week, depending on the length of the song. Some projects include extra special effects editing and extra color corrections.

Only quality counts
Examples of video clips
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